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Minerals from Russia and Eastern Europe for sale

If you wish to buy, click "Contact" in the main menu, write the ID numbers you are interested in buying, and remember to leave your email.

Be aware that shipping costs will come in addition to the specified prices. Payment and invoice will be made through Paypal.

146 mm Pyrrhotite on Quartz from Dalnegorsk, Russia

$ 159.99

Placeholder Image

82 mm Astrophyllite from Khibiny, Russia

$ 54.99

112 mm Andradite from Dalnegorsk, Russia

$ 324.99

165 mm Vivianite from Crimea, Ukraine

$ 89.99

76 mm Dendritic Agate from Eskişehir, Türkiye

$ 44.99

100 mm Dendritic Agate from Eskişehir, Türkiye

$ 44.99

140 mm Calcite with Hematite from Dalnegorsk, Russia

$ 159.99

47 mm Vivianite In Clam Shell from Crimea, Ukraine

$ 44.99

Placeholder Image

42 mm Apatite in Calcite from Lake Baikal, Russia

$ 39.99

59 mm Quartz with Rubellite from Malkhan, Russia


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