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112 mm Andradite from Dalnegorsk, Russia

$ 324.99



Dalnegorsk, Primorsky Krai, Russia

Size: 112x100x59 mm (1173 gr.)


This specimen consists of a dense cluster of razor-sharp Andradite Garnet crystals. The crystals exhibit very sharp, idealized trapezohedral crystals. The crystals have a dark, chocolate brown color with slight translucence.

The specimen is comprised entirely of Andradite with no associated matrix. The specimen is cut on one side, so it can stand by itself (seen in picture number 5).

It also has small crystals on the backside. The specimen is totally undamaged, except for a small area (25x20mm) at the bottom where it is cut.

The 4 first pictures are taken with extra light, to expose the crystals.

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