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146 mm Pyrrhotite on Quartz from Dalnegorsk, Russia

$ 159.99



Nikolayevskiy Mine, Dalnegorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russian Federation

Size: 146x126x102 mm (1434 gr.)


Beautiful combination of quartz crystals and Pyrrhotite from Dalnegorsk, Russia.

It is a big size specimen of 1,4 kg. There are two major Pyrrhotite crystals grown like a butterfly. These crystals are about 42 mm and 39 mm.

It's covered with quartz crystals, and there are also crystals on the backside.

The specimen is cut at the bottom to make it a quality piece for display. 

I don't know the exact year it was found, but my father drove to Russia on several occasions back around 20 years ago, and bought minerals from Russian dealers, and has kept it in his collection ever since then.

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