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Taking down old webshop, and creating new sales pages

In one week I will go away for a long holiday, so there will be no sales possible before the end of August 2022.

At the same time, I am leaving my old webshop as it cost many hundred dollars to have a shop, and my sales are too low.

But I will also create new sales pages, with the same possibilities. The only difference is that you will need to send me an email about what specimens you wish to buy. I will then calculate the shipping cost and present you a summary, and if you accept I will make an invoice on Paypal. The tracking number of the package will also be added to Paypal. And Paypal is also a good option for buyers as it has buyer's protection.

I will update the blog when the new pages are up and going. Anyway, it will be no sales before late August.

Cheers and I wish you all a nice summer,


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