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130 000 dollar Silver Dragon

Last week there was an amazing Silver crystal from Kongsberg, Telemark, Norway sold at an auction.

It has a weight of 1,9 kg and was sold for 1,3 million NOK (130 000 USD)

It looks amazing, and I can only imagine the joy the buyer feels about holding such a unique piece.

The crystal was found 75 years ago, so this is both a beautiful and a historic specimen.

Read the full story in Norwegian here:

As written before silver is much rarer than people know. It is mined at a ratio of 1:7 to gold, but because of the manipulation of the "paper-silver" price silver coins are now sold at a ratio of 1:90 to gold.

But that is in the manipulated paper world. In the silver- and the gold-crystal world the prices are much higher on silver. Another reason is that silver is mostly a byproduct of other metals that are mined. There are few silver mines in the world, and getting your hands on big silver crystals is just not as normal as people might think. This is also a reason why you see some high prices on such rare and amazing silver crystals.

Kongsberg is translated as "the king's mountain", and it was called so because it was huge silver reserves inside the mountain. The mining company started up in 1623 and mined silver till 1958. At one point, there were several thousand people working here and at this time also stood for a huge portion of Norway's gross production.

Congratulations to the owner. It looks fantastic!! Cheers,


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