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Downscaling, but still possible to buy

I have decided I will spend less time trying to sell the leftovers from my father's duplicates. It is pretty time-consuming, and after all, this is just a hobby for me that generates very little income, in fact, I have spent more than gained the last year. Instead, I will spend more of my time doing what I like the most: Learning about the minerals that I keep in my collection. Learning about their localities and taking pictures of them, plus also spending more time in the nature. I realize that this is what makes me happy. I am a mineral collector of heart, not a salesman of heart. With small sales, it is too expensive to have a webshop, so I will disband it, probably this summer. However, as a replacement, I will make galleries where I present what I have as duplicates for sale. So it will still be able to buy, the only difference is that you will need to contact me, and I will need to arrange it through Paypal. So will still be here, but I am shifting focus from trying to sell duplicates, to trying to show nice pictures and information.

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