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Zircons in Biotite/Nepheline



Location: Store Kufjorden, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

Size: 40x50x31 mm (81,5 grams)


Beutiful 15 mm Zircon in white Nepheline, with black Biotite crystals

The crystal has a good quality with clean faces and only a few scars. At the bottom of the specimen you will also see some smaller zircon crystals. This Biotite in this specimen is also crystallized, and it is very rare to see this combination of Zircon and Biotite crystals.

It also looks great under UV light (see picture 2 and 3)

Zircons from Seiland

Zircons from Seiland are by far the world's greatest because of their deep orange/red color with transparent and gemmy areas. The zircons are yellow SW and LW UV fluorescence.

The zircon site has been heavily mined in the '80s and '90s, and nowadays it is extremely difficult to collect decent specimens without spending several days with heavy tools for mining. It is also at the border of the Seiland National Park, so you would have problems with granting rights to do mining. The specimen for sale is from the 1990s when it was still easy to find zircons, and before the National Park was established (in 2006).


The specimen was found late in the late 1990s by my father, Gunnar Mathisen, who had exploration rights back then.

For more information about Seiland, visit my page:


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