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207 mm Diopside/Grossular

$ 324.99



Bumannsfjorden, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

Size: 74x207x105 mm (2483 gr.)


Here is a giant specimen with 2,5 kg massive Diopside. The crystals are huge, the biggest one measures 41 mm. The whole specimen is massive diopside, and you can see the backside on the last picture.

It is also covered with tiny cola brown Grossular (garnet) crystals. There are some more Grossular on the backside than on the front side.

The specimen might look a bit more dirty than some of the other Diopside specimens I have for sale. On the other hand, it is very rare to get a hand on such a big piece of massive Diopside.

Please watch video to get a better view:

Bumannsfjorden, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

Most of the year the field where the minerals are found is covered with ice and snow, and today this area is now a part of the Seiland National Park, and collecting from this area is now strictly forbidden. So not only is this a rare material but also it will not be collected more of it.

This specimen was found in the late 1980's by my father, Gunnar Mathisen. 

Seiland 003.jpg
Seiland 002.jpg
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