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90 mm Quartz from Namdalen (repair)




Namdalen, Trøndelag, Norway

Size: 89x90x88 mm (382,9 grams)


Three beautiful and water-clear quartz crystals (repair) from a rare location.

This specimen was originally in my father's personal collection for display, but I am now releasing it for sale.

It has sharp edges and tops, clean facets, and great inner quality (especially the biggest crystal). The biggest crystal is also a little coated on the top, I assume it is Chlorite.

One of the crystals is glued (repaired), you can see it easily on the underside, but you don't see it at the visible for display unless you know exactly where it is glued. It looks wonderful on display. The glued crystal got some minor damage, while the two other crystals are damage free.

Namdalen, Trøndelag, Norway

Dalen mines has an extent of approximately 250 kilometers and has descended to a depth of 340 meters below the fjord.

A/S Dalen Portland Cementfabrik (DPC) was founded as a limited company on 7 August 1916. In 1988, Norcem Kjørholt bought mines from Norsk Hydro, and the cement factory is the only one in the world with underground mining of limestone.

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