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12,5 cm Calcite from Kjørholt

$ 119.99



Dalen-Kjørholt Mine, Brevik, Porsgrunn, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

Size: 125x85x62 mm (680 grams)


Big and beautiful calcite from the mines of Kjørholt, Telemark, Norway.
This calcite was found 200-300 meters below sea level and was collected in the mid-1990s.

This one is a giant phantom (crystal within a crystal).
You will see it grown with different layers. Best seen in the last picture from its underside, and the pictures from its backside, where you will see there is a darker core that is not translucent. The outer part of the crystal is transparent, and you will also see there are some inclusions (seen in picture number 1 and 2). I am not sure what this is but assume it is pyrite as there are other Calcite from this mine with calcite inclusions.

The crystal is close to damage free, the only thing you will see is a white nick on the backside of the top (seen on the last picture). You will also see it has some marks, but this is natural the way the crystal has grown.

Please also watch the video to get a better view:

Dalen-Kjørholt Mine, Brevik, Porsgrunn, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway

Dalen mines has an extent of approximately 250 kilometers and has descended to a depth of 340 meters below the fjord.

A/S Dalen Portland Cementfabrik (DPC) was founded as a limited company on 7 August 1916. In 1988, Norcem Kjørholt bought mines from Norsk Hydro, and the cement factory is the only one in the world with underground mining of limestone.

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