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71 mm Rutile in Smokey Quartz w/Cholrite from Hardangervidda




Mt. Storenut, Hardangervidda West, Vestland, Norway

Size: 43x71x56 mm (171,3 grams)


Intense Rutile needles and and Chlorite inside light smoky lustrous Quartz crystals
Perfect aesthetic, great visual impact and rare material from a prominent locality which is usually well known for anatase. This material is really hard to obtain and represents a great rarity.

The crystals are water-clear with great transparency and sharp terminated . When you add light, the quartz becomes greenish (due to the Cholrite).

Two Quartz Crystals are perfect and damage-free. On the third crystal you will see that a part of the top is missing. However it is on the side, so the specimen looks perfect on display.

Mt. Storenut, Hardangervidda West, Vestland, Norway

Hardangervidda is located in the western part of Norway. If you go from the sea and reach the top, you will come to a huge plateau, called Hardangervidda, that covers 3 counties.

The western part is mostly know for its magnificent mountains and fjords. It is even mentioned in my favorite book "Hitch hikers guide to the gallaxy". The picture is taken from a placed called Trolltunga (Tounge of the Troll). Because of its wonderful nature, most of Hardangervidda is declared a National Park.

Be aware that some of the localities of Anatase and Quartz are located inside the Hardangervidda National Park, and collecting and removing minerals is strictly forbidden there.

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