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88 mm Fluorite on Quartz from Fujian

$ 24.99



Xia Yang Mine, Xia Yang city, Yongchun Co., Quanzhou, Fujian, China.

Size: 85x88x63 mm (273 gram)


Beautiful aqua green crystals. All the pictures except the first one are taken in normal daylight. The first one is taken with extra strong light, and the green color on this one is closer to what it looks like when you see it with your own eyes. I must also warn that I don't know if this one is artificially colored, or if the colors are natural.

There is some damage to the Fluorite (above the big fluorite and along the edges). 

The biggest fluorite is totally transparent (a little difficult to catch in the photos).

The quartz is generally undamaged, but you will see damage on the edges.

The piece is from a new finding in 2019.

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