My name is Øystein Hygge Li, and I live in the southern part of Norway.
Mineral trading is not my profession, and I have not studied geology/mineralogy.  Minerals are my big hobby, and is both about sharing my hobby, and I also hope to sell some extra material.

However, I do not trade minerals as business, I just try to sell what I have extra after my father.

I will not sell the main collection. But I will sell duplicates and extra material, so I can cover expenses and develop the collection. As you will see in the store it is mainly minerals from Seiland, but there are also some limited minerals from Norway, Sweden and other countries that my father had extra material from. 

My father, Gunnar Mathisen, lived at Altneset/Seiland for about 35 years. During those years he got interested in minerals, and he built an impressive collection of zircons, other local minerals and minerals from the rest of the world.

I am the new generation, and I built a show room, and I'm also sharing on internet, because I want  people to see how beautiful and incredible mother nature is.


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If any questions about Minerals,

please feel free to contact me :) 

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