ID 20184

Here is a rare combination of multicolored beryl. In 2014 they found these beryls in Skardu , Gilgit-Baltistan , Paksitan. The beryl is pink in the middle (Morganite) and blue on the top/bottom (Aquamarine). This is a very rare combination.

The weight is 151 grams, and it measures 82 x 63 x 44 mm.

There is not so much color on this one, so the 3 first pictures are taken with extra light to expose its colors. You will see that it is light pink in the middle and light blue on the top and bottom.

The crystal is actually doubly-terminated. Please looke close on the pictures, and you will see that it is not damaged, but grown with many  with elongated crystal tips. Some of the matrix has grown partly into the crystal.

This is a uniqe chance to get your hand at at a multicolored beryl for a reasonable price. Please search on internet to compare prices. 

Also please watch the video to get the best view.
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SOLD Multicolor Beryl (Morganite & Aquamarine) from Skardu, Pakistan