ID 20288

The speciment was found in the classic location in the mountains of Bumansfjord, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway. The specimen got a weight of 1991 grams, and measures 52 x 142 x 143 mm (height x length x width)

The whole stone is a massive piece of diopside and grossular, and on top you will see a layer of big green diopside crystals, and some tiny brown grossular crystals.

It is covered with big crystals, and it is seldom to see crystals with this size. However the quality is low, and they are a bit pale and got many inner cracks. The pictures are taken with some extra light to show the green color of the crystals.


You will also see some damages both on the top and on the sides (appears white on the pictures). Probably because most of the year the field where the minerals are found is covered with ice and snow.

This area is now a part of the Seiland National Park, and collecting from this area is now strictly forbidden.
This specimen was found in the late 1980's by my father, Gunnar Mathisen.

Big 2kg Diopside from Bumansfjord, Seiland, Norway