ID 20203
Rare very light-purple amethyst from Zapolyarny, Murmansk Oblast, Kola, Russia

The size is 498 grams, and it measures 52 x 131 x 60 mm.
The speciment got a small layer of tiny light purple (close to pink) quartz crystals.
Most of it is undamaged, but you will find some few damages along the edges.

This is one out of two pieces of amethyst I got from this location. It must be a very small find, because I only find quartz (and not amethyst) when I seach for Zapolyarny on The color is very light purple (close to pink), but at the other piece it is easier to see that it is amethyst, and not white quartz. The old label also says that these two are amethyst (though with a spelling error). The old label is attached to the other stone, not this one.


Amethyst from Zapolyarny, Murmansk Oblast, Russia