ID 20528

Albite Moonstone from Skarvebukta, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

Size: 68x99x40 mm (264 gr.)


Translucent moonstone (rare variety of Albite) crystals exhibiting blue Schiller-effect typical of moonstone.


Moonstone is a pearly and opalescent variety of Microcline, it is common to find it in large masses, but not crystallized.


This is a big Albite crystal measuring 37 mm, and it is without damages. This crystal has blue Schiller effect (Moonstone) that is visible in normal daylight if you. Middle intensity. It is hard to catch on camera, so I have used extra light to expose it.


Please watch video to get a better view:


The video and the 2 first pictures where you see the effect are taken with extra strong light.

This specimen was found in the early-mid 1980's by my father, Gunnar Mathisen.

RESERVED 99 mm Albite Moonstone from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway