ID 20370

Here is specimen with gemmy Russian fluorapatite, with great luster and superb color. 

It was found on the famous location of Slyudyanka, Lake Baikal, Irkutskaya Oblast', Prebaikalia, Eastern Siberia, Russia. I don't know the exact year, but my father drove to Russia for several occations about 20 years ago, and bought it back then.


The size is 39x95x49 mm, and the weight is 142 grams.

There are 3 crystals. They are rich neon turquoise blue, and though there are natural crystal imperfections, the crystals are very attractive. The crystals are embedded in pale orange calcite.

You can put it on display on differant angels, on the pictures you will see that I put it upside-down on the last pictures.

The specimen represents Russian apatite in the very best way.

SOLD 9,5 cm Flourapatite from Lake Baikal, Russia