ID 20684
Smoky Quartz with Aegirine
Size: 85x45x40 mm (185,5 gr.)

Location: Mount Malosa, Zomba, Southern Region, Malawi
Mindat location:

Here is a huge and very well crystallized Smoky Quartz from Mount Malosa in Malawi.


What I find cool with this one is that it has inclusions of red-brown Aegirine,  If you put light to the crystal like I did on the last video you will see the red needles going through the Quartz.

The Quartz itself is very close to damage free. I have taken the pictures in strong light to highlight its structure. It has some minor scars, but these are natural and the way the crystal has grown.

In the bottom of the Smoky Quartz you will also see a black aegerine crystal and a small felsspar.

Please watch the videos for a better view:

Part 1:

Part 2:


A fun fact about Aegirine is that it was first discovered in Norway, and Aegirine was named after Ægir, the Norse god of the sea.

Here you will see another specimen of Smoky Quartz with Aegirine inclusions from the same location, posted on min