ID 20391

This albite was found by my father about 25 years ago at Seiland, Finnmark, Norway.

It weight is 282 grams, and it measures  43 x 77 x 55 mm.


Translucent moonstone (rare variety of albite) crystals exhibiting an amazing blue Schiller-effect typical of moonstone. Moonstone is a pearly and opalescent variety of microcline, it is common to find it in large masses, but not crystallized.

It is very rare to find, and when I search on Mindat, I can only find two places in the world with Albite Moonstone (Seiland is not mentioned as one of them):

If you find other albite moonstones for sale, you will also see that they are pretty expensive compared to the ones I am selling. 


This is a single and very big Albite crystal.
On the front side it has smooth facets and the top has no man made damages, only nature's work. On the backside and under you will see that a part of the crystal is missing/damaged.

You will only see the moonstone effect at the backside where the crystal is damaged, you will not see the effect on the front side.

You will need both extra light and the right angle to see the effect. It is relatively weak effect, thus a lower price than some of the other Moonstone for sale.

Please watch video to get a better view:
The video and the 3 last pictures where you see the effect are taken with extra strong light.

SOLD 77 mm Albite Moonstone from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway