ID 20516

 Albite Moonstone from Skarvebukta, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway

Size: 66x69x42 mm (195 gr.)


Translucent moonstone (rare variety of Albite) crystals exhibiting blue Schiller-effect typical of moonstone. Moonstone is a pearly and opalescent variety of Microcline, it is common to find it in large masses, but not crystallized.


It is hard to find the moonstone effect on this specimen, and you will need much extra light, plus the exact right angle to see it (you can see it in the beginning of the video). The moonlight effect must not be confused with the reflection of light you see elsewhere.


Please watch video to get a better view:


This specimen was found in the early-mid 1980's by my father, Gunnar Mathisen.

69 mm Albite Moonstone from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway