ID 20411

Beautiful Calcite from the legendary Parta pocket in Malmberget, Norrbotten, Sweden

It measures 62x27x21 mm (36,7 gr.)

This is a seldom chance to get a Golden calcite from world famous "Parta 580"-pocket in Malmberget, Sweden, found in 1989.

At this time my father purchased some samples that he have kept ever since. This is one of the last ones I have for sale, and I rate this one the best of the ones I had/have for sale.

Some of the most beautifully formed calcite crystals occur at the Malmberget mine in Lappland, Sweden. This particular style came only from one pocket, found in 1989. The pocket is called "Parta 580". This lovely scalenohedron of lustrous and translucent, amber colored calcite is nearly pristine. It is a European classic.

This one is totaly damage free except a 1 mm white nick at the top. What you see in the bottom is not damages, but the way it has grown. It has a fantastic top, and it is 100% transparent in the top. In the bottom you will see some inner cracks, you will also see that it is more white/blank in the bottom, and more yellow in the top.

All the pictures except the last 2 are taken with extra light. It looks a bit more pale if you don't add light.

Please watch video to get a better view.
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