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Very big and great sample of Okenite and Gyrolite from Poonah, Maharashtra, India.

This one was actually for display in my fathers collection, but due to space I have to let it go.
The size is 90 x 220 x 203 mm, and the weight is 3338 grams.

You will see that it is filled with Okenite balls. There are needles, but you will also see that the okenite needles/balls are not as good quality as you can find on the best specimens.
I will do my very best to make sure it is packed the best way. However be aware that this is very fragile, and probably there will be some needles falling of duing transport. But I will make every effort to keep it as good as possible by using extra isolation (I have already transported it 2000km without making any damages).


Please watch the video to get at better view.

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My father bought this one from miners in India about 30 years ago, and have kept it ever since then.

3,3 kg Okenite with Gyrolite from Pune (Poonah), Maharashtra, India

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