ID 20444

Hornblende & Asbestos

Location: Fabian 940, Malmberget, Norrbotten, Sweden
Size:  85x230x205 mm (3204 gr.)

Museum size specimen containing Hornblende & Asbestos crystals.
When watching close you will see the Asbestos is growing on top/bottom of the Hornblende crystals.

There are Hornblende/Asbestos on both sides.
Please watch the video for a better view:

The first part of the video is from one side, and at the end I have flipped it to show the backside.
They are both pretty. On one side you have a bigger Hornblende crystals, and on the other side you will see more Asbestos.


23 cm Hornblende & Asbestos from Malmberget, Sweden