ID 60028

This specimen contains two big zircon crystals in biotite.

It is 205 grams and measures 52 x 62 x 43 mm (height x length x width)


There are two big crystals, which are really nice in the front side, but they are damaged at the backside. They are both 22 mm


Please watch the video to get the best view.

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The zircons are yellow SW and LW UV fluorenscence.


Zircons from Seiland are by far the world greatest, because of their deep red color with transparent and gemmy areas. The zircon site has been heavily mined in the 80's and 90's, and nowadays it is extremely difficult to collect decent specimens without spending several days with heavy tools for collecting. It is also at the border to the Seiland National Park, so you would have problems for granting rights to do mining.The specimen for sale is from the the 1990's when it was still easy to find zircons, and before the National Park was established (in 2006).

2 big and nice zircon crystals (damaged at the backside)