ID 20327


The specimen was found in the classic location in the mountains of Bumansfjord, Seiland, Finnmark, Norway. The specimen got a weight of 522 grams, and measures 50 x 122 x 93 mm (height x length x width)


The whole stone is a massive piece of green translucent diopside, with a small layer of cola-brown grossular crystals.


You will see some damages, but overall it is good quality and nice looking. Please watch the video for a better look. The last pictures is from is underside.

This area where it was found (Bumannsfjorden) is now a part of the Seiland National Park, and collecting from this area is now strictly forbidden. This specimen was found in the late 1980's by my father, Gunnar Mathisen.

SOLD 122mm Diopside from Seiland, Finnmark, Norway