ID 20039

Beautiful piece of Thullite from Lom in Norway.
The stone is wet on the video and first 3 pictures.

Please watch video for the best possible view.

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Thulite (sometimes called rosaline) is a translucent, crystalline or massive pink manganese-bearing variety of the mineral zoisite. Manganese substitutes for calcium in the structure with up to two percent Mn2+.

Thulite was first discovered at a place called Sauland in Telemark, Norway in 1820. It is named after the mythical island of Thule in the belief that the island is Scandinavia. Thulite is used as a gemstone and carving material in the manufacture of jewellery and ornamental objects.

SOLD 1181 gram Thulite, Søre Lia, Lom, Norway