ID 20464


Nice combination of Kyanite crystals on Fuchsite matrix, found in Tustna Island in 1992.

This is the last and the biggest/best Kyanite specimen I have from this location, and the size is 58x119x23 mm (199 gr.)

It has a very nice color and combination . The 2 first pictures and the video are taken with extra light to expose its color. The first picture is from the front side where you will see a couple of big Kyanite crystals. The biggest one is 3 cm long and 8 mm wide. On the backside you will see several smaller Kyanite crystals. 

Please also watch the video for a better view. 
The video can also be seen on

119 mm Kyanite & Fuchsite from Tustna Island, Møre og Romsdal, Norway