ID 20399

Very beautiful piece of chalcopyrite on white quartz from Cavnic Mine (Kapnikbánya), Cavnic, Maramures, Romania. Read more about Cavnic here:


The specimen measures 48x106x72 mm and the weight is 281 grams.


It is a high quality piece with very nice white transculent quartz crystals all over, without any damages. Even the quartz crystals beneath is undamaged (seen on the last picture). You will also see some double-terminated crystals.

It is a little hard to catch its beauty on the photos, so please watch the video for a better view. The video can also be seen on


My father a long time ago, I don't know exact year, but I assume about 20-30 years ago.



106 mm Chalcopyrite on Quartz from Cavnic, Romania