ID 20183
Muliticolor Beryl (Morganite & Aquamarine)

Location:  Skardu, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan

Size: 102x95x71 mm (585 gr.)



Here is a rare combination of multicolored beryl. In 2014 they found these beryls in Skardu , Gilgit-Baltistan , Paksitan. The beryl is pink in the middle (Morganite) and blue on the top/bottom (Aquamarine). This is a very rare combination.


There is not so much color on this one, so the 2 last pictures are taken with extra light to expose its colors.

This specimen has a big bicolor beryl (very light pink Morganite and very light blue Aquamarine).

The crystal is 42 mm in length and 34 mm in width.


There is also a very big twin on the backside, where you will only see the top when you see from the front. But if you look closer on the baskside you will see that this crystal has a length of 56 mm and a width of 43 mm.


The crystals has no cut damamges, but you will see some matrix grown into the crystals.


There is also a light pink (almost champage colored) crystal in the lower crack - I am no not sure if this is morganite or some other kind of mineral.

This is a uniqe chance to get your hand at at a multicolored beryl for a reasonable price. Please search on internet to compare prices. Also please watch the video to get the best view:

102 mm Multicolor Beryl (Morganite & Aquamarine) from Skardu, Pakistan

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