Silver - the $27.27 floor & roof

As I am collecting minerals, I also find it interesting to follow the mining sector, and have a few mining stocks in my portfolio. This is not a financial advice, just an interesting observation I made recently about the $27.27 price level, that seems like a roof/floor:

In a strongly manipulated silver market, $27.27 seems like an important level for the ones who manipulate the price. If you go to and make it a weekly chart, you will see that it's more than 8 years since the weekly silver price was over $27.27 two weeks in a row. The price has certainly been higher in 2020-2021, but every time they have smashed the price down the following week. If the price stays above $27.27 this Friday it will be the first time this happens since April 2013. And just as interesting: If you watch what happened in last bull market, they actually smashed down the price 4 times in the years of 2011-2013, and every time to the same $27.27ish level. Will it break this Friday? Time will show. Best wishes to all mineral friends and silver bugs.

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