78 mm Quartz from Sør-Varanger

$ 44.99



Sør-Varanger, Finnmark, Norway

Size: 78x46x41 mm (114 gr.)


A nice bouquet of translucent quartz. They are clear on the top and a little red-coated. They are more white at the bottom.

The specimen is damage free, and it has a lot of beautiful details in the top. If you study the bottom with strong light you will see that it has grown this way and that it is not damages.

Please watch the video for a better view:

I remember when me and my father drove to Kirkenes (Sør-Varanger) in July of 1992 to visit one of his mineral friends. On this trip we also went to search for Quartz. While my father and his friend was digging at the most obvious place, I was digging some meters away, and came across a great pocket, where we pulled up a lot of nice specimens from this pocket. It is highly likely that this specimen is from this pocket, but I cannot guarantee that it is from this exact pocket/year.

In my father's collection he has labeled the location as "Midtfjordvannet". I don't find this exact location on the map, but I find a location called "Midtfjordvatnan" which is basically the same.