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166 mm polished Labradorite from Madagascar

$ 59.99




Size: 166x66x52 mm (1151 gram)


This specimen got a nice range of colors (yellow, blue, and green). I like this one because it can remind of landscape, with a dark blue sea at the bottom, a lighter blue/green sea above, some dark landscape in the middle, and a yellow sky.

Some of the pictures are taken with extra light to expose the colors.
You will also see that that it is not colorful unless you have the right angle, which is the case with all labradorite specimens.

Please watch the video for a better view (taken with extra light):

The name "Labradorite" comes from Labrador county in Canada, where this mineral first was found.

Some Ancient Inuits believed that Labradorite was the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis. Legend says that an Inuit warrior found a cave with the Aurora Borealis embedded within the rocks, on the shoreline of Labrador, Canada. He attempted to release the Aurora Borealis with his spear but was unable to remove it all, leaving some of the light imprisoned in the rocks forever. The native inhabitants used the gemstone for medicinal purposes as they believed that it would increase their energy as well as reduce stress and anxiety.

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